Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Cause and effect (Why I choose my major) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Cause and effect (Why I choose my major) - Essay Example I desire to be part of this phenomenon, now as a student and later as a teacher. Being the product of a mother who teaches elementary school, the importance of learning, of being educated and of educating others has been conveyed to me on an everyday and more than just by words alone from the time of my earliest childhood memory. It caused me to look at learning differently than most other students in my age group. Many kids thought of school as a punishment of sorts, something they had to do much like chores or eating their peas. I didn’t relish every minute of every class, like all teachers or enjoy all homework assignments yet knew of the important component of each. From the boring classes I learned, ultimately, that making class-time interesting or even fun made learning more effective. From the particularly tough classes I learned that every child learns at a different pace and are simply better at some subjects than others. Though it is impossible to fashion a lesson plans that fit the needs of all students, it is possible to make two paths of lear ning, one for those who pick up the information quickly and one for those who do not. If the teacher is really interested, has a passion for the job, they can find a method by which to positively affect the most students in the time available. This is what was going through my mind in third or fourth grade as I sat in class. I was destined to teach. Beside my mother, several teachers inspired my desire for a career in education. Some, because they were so disinterested in their chosen profession, motivated me and possibly as much as any other. I could readily see that the students were not only as disinterested as the teacher but their perception that school was punishment was reinforced. This negative perception was transferred to other classes which diminished the student’s entire educational experience. The damage to their lives is incalculable. If the fire of knowledge acquisition is not lit as a

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